hi there! i'm elle, founder and creative director behind beauty & the board. growing up in a household of 10, our parents have always instilled in us the importance of the togetherness a kitchen brings to a home. this notion holds true to me today. today, i find myself looking for any excuse to host a small gathering with family and friends that create that same nostalgic feeling of a full house. i started beauty & the board because to me, grazing boards capture what i loved most about my family gatherings growing up, the beautiful experience of human interaction and sharing food and time together. gather around and be our guest!


forget everything you think you know about cheese boards. with our luxury grazing boards for gatherings of all sizes, beauty & the board turns any occasion into a gastronomic adventure! we source premium fresh produce, artisanal cheese & charcuterie and delightful accoutrements that are arranged into unique showcases. each board is designed to pair flavors and elements to keep you grazing for more. we also offer seasonal boards for various holidays, making our board options the perfect centerpiece for your corporate event, client gifts or luxury lifestyle celebrations and gatherings.

we are proudly eco-conscious, with a commitment to serving the local community and preserving the environment. our mindful efforts include using environmentally sustainable birchwood boards, packaging and disposables. we always strive for minimal food wastage in our preparation and minimal plastic usage. we also source organic produce, herbs and edible flowers whenever possible and partner up with local businesses and ethical vendors.